Current Weather Conditions at Keerbergen ,Belgium

As of:28/03/23 19:00

Temperature: 8.6C
Dewpoint: 3.8C
Humidity: 72%
Wind Chill: ---C
Wind: --- at---  km/hr THW Index: 8.4C
Barometer: 1022.2  hPa andFalling Rapidly Heat Index: 8.4C
Today's Rain: 8.0 mm Monthly Rain: 503.6 mm
Storm Total: 141.8 mm Yearly Rain: 954.6 mm
Current Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/hr Solar Radiation: 7 W/m
UV: 0.0 index

Sunrise: 7:26      Sunset:20:08

Forecast: Increasing clouds and warmer. Precipitation possible within 12 to 24 hours Windy.